Live Free, Or Die Trying.

Live Free, Or Die Trying.


What's up NRD FAM! 
We hope wherever you are reading this you are safe.  We hope you are evolving. 
We hope you are learning that you are doper and doper every day.  

Speaking of dopeness. 
We hope we think our photos from our Catwoman 
Kitty Cat x Kitty Cat shoot are as dope as we do. 
We killed it like two cats on the hunt for their prey.  

The best part being -- we are inspired. 
And feeling powerful, independent,  and unstoppable.   

How could we not. 
Catwoman is pure bad ass, fierce female power vibes.

Catwoman is dope.
And you are too.

Her fierce independence. 
Her powerful, grab life by the balls attitude. 
So maybe she steals sometimes. 
Maybe her claws come out to play often and she likes to play with whips.
Regardless, she is herself. 
And we are here for it. 

She loves cats.
She lives life on her terms. 
She is brave, she is strong, she is independent.
She has overcome so much heartbreak.
And still she loves so fiercely.  
Yet, she never loses herself.
She refuses to change in order to be loved. 
She honors her truth.

She will live free, or die trying.  

"Batman wanted to change us. That’s not love.
Try to remember who you are.” - Catwoman



We remember
Who we are and
What our purpose is.
Then We
Own It. 
Evolve It. 
Just Like Catwoman evolved her claws, her agility,
her marksmanship, her reflexes, her street-fighting, her cleverness,
her resourcefulness, her stealth, and her heart. 
We Evolve. 
Like Catwoman
We refuse to be anyone but our strongest, fiercest selves. 

Which is why we are Catwoman

And why we are so happy you are here.
And why we love our NRD FAM.
We are a dope group of unique, brilliant, talented NRDS. 
And together we are even stronger and smarter. 


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