Sonic, Knuckles & Tails 4LYF

Sonic, Knuckles & Tails 4LYF


No more waiiiiiiting, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 dropped April 8, 2022 and all we can say is WOAH, LET'S GOOOO.  10/10. Go watch this hyper-fun, hilarious, heart-felt and moving tale.  With themes of friendship and family, of bravery, of being yourself, of redemption and trusting your purpose all while having soo much fun, this movie tickled us and left us wanting more! 

I mean, how could adventuring and learning with our favorite furry friends Sonic, Knuckles and Tails not be an amazing time!  We discovered Tails' awesome tech skills, we watched his bravery unfold alongside his friendship with Sonic, who embraced him and all his weirdness.  We were awed and shaking in our boots at the powerful, fierce, hard-headed and noble Knuckles of the Echidna tribe, we fist pumped as he and Sonic bumped fist and lit up the screen, and we cheered when Knuckles found his way forward in this new world.

All while Donut Lord and Pretzel Lady and their family dynamic bring wisdom, unconditional love and more action packed, in-law, hilarity to the wildly adventurous trio.  Big thank you Donut Lord for the reminder that the world needs all of us. 

"There Will Come A Moment When Your Powers Will Be Needed. But You Don’t Choose That Moment, That Moment Chooses You."-Donut Lord

Can you tell we are still glowing from this watch?  We are not even mad that the waiiiiiting continues for the return of Dr. Robotnik and another furry foe in Sonic 3 because it means we get more of our favorite hero, Blue Justice aka Sonic and his new friends, Knuckles and Tails!! Huge thank you Jeff Fowler, Parmaount, and Sega for such a epic viewing experience!  Especially for paying tribute to the original games and story, those details were not missed! #ifyouknowyouknow #sonic4lyf

Let's goo NRD fam! Cheers to another animated #nrdy and #dope reminder that Your Different is Dope! #ownit (like Sonic, Tails and Knuckles did) 

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